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geschrieben von H0M3R

We search YOU!
21.12.2016 - 23:11
Hello guys!

We want to enter some other games in our Clan so we search for gamers, like you?
Here some games we would add:

- Battlefield 1 / 3 / 4
- Rocket League (already some players in)
- Counterstrike Go
- DayZ Standalone
- LoL ?

and maybe some more if you are interested in other games.

So why should you wait? Join our little family and make us more complet

- Germany H0M3R [eW'Management][eW'Support]

geschrieben von Solution

Dear Users,
Elite Warriors eSports bought a new and better Root-Server, to give our Servers better Performance. On your old Servers we are going to put a redirect Mod, which redirects you automatically to our new Server. You also get all our Server added to your Favorites!
The Mods are still the same, the only changing thing is our IP!

So please note ou...

geschrieben von Solution

Mit viel Freude können wir bekannt geben, dass wir nun auch eine Partnerschaft mit dem Energy-Drink Hersteller Raubtierbrause geschlossen haben und uns auf eine gemeinsame Zeit mit positiven Erwartungen einstellen können.

Besucht doch einfach mal ihre Homepage

geschrieben von Solution

Some days ago we decided to make a Youtube Channel! we also made already our Intro!

Check it out: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCE7ejaOJ4dYxAuaPD6aStUA

Please Leave a Subscribe smiling

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