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Elite Warriors Cups !REVIVAL!
27.05.2016 - 21:24
Dear Users!

At our Survey 63.79% have voted for "Cups & Tournaments", so we have decided to make more Cups! We also have written a Homepage for the Elite Warriors eSports Cups, there you can check the Top Winners, Incoming Cups etc...

Homepage: http://www.eW-eSports.eu/cup/

I hope you have a lot of fun and you enjoy our Cups!



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Dear Users!

I proudly announce that we have opened the new Elite Warriors eSports Shop!
Now you have the chance to buy some clothes or cases with our original Elite Warriors eSports® logo.

We would appreciate if you would support us by buying some clothes and it would be awesome if you could send us a picture of yourself whil...

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All Servers back Online!
15.04.2016 - 19:03
Dear Users and Members!
Unfortunatly our Root Server got totally ddosed and we was offline for 3 days. The Problem got solved and we are back Online! Sorry for several Problems and have Fun like before smiling



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Heute wurden wieder 2 neue Mitglieder in unsere kleine Familie aufgenommen!

Wir heißen eW'Kranabet & eW'Oxy, als neue Member von Elite Warriors eSports, willkommen!
Ich wünsche euch beiden viel Erfolg und hoffe auf eine gute Zusammenarbeit mit euch!

- H0M3R
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